Your Godless King Shot One End And Cut The Other - Monday Shuffle

End Over End - Foo Fighters.  Damn I love the Foo Fighters.  There isn't anything too special about End Over End other than it being a solid straight up rock song.  In fact it's kinda soft for an album ending track.  There is plenty of muscle that could have been gleaned from the meaty bone they started with.  A couple progressive bridges or breaks would have done this song well.  It's perfectly acceptable as is though.  I guess less is more to some people.


Sure Shot - Beastie Boys.  So glad I picked this up at the used record shop a few weeks ago.  Spent many an hour rocking this tape in my Nova with a jerry-rigged sound system.  6 x 9 three ways with an old timey equalizer/amp combo!  It did sound great though.  This could be my favorite Beastie album.  It might even top Paul's Boutique.  I refuse to stop to this very day.


Cut - Jimmy Eat World.  I really hope Jimmy doesn't spend too much whining on this one.  It's not starting out that way.  When Jimmy rocks, Jimmy rocks correct.  When Jimmy is in Emo mode.....  I fucking hate Jimmy.  So far it seems this is a breakup song and heartbroken Jimmy is an intolerable pantie sniffer.  This may even be a gay breakup song.  Heartbroken and gay Jimmy makes me not even pay attention.  Bring the rock next time, Jimmy, and I may forgive you.


Godless Run - W.A.S.P.    Blackie does wistful better than Jimmy.  He has a really great, emotive voice that works well with the power ballad.  This is actually a superb example of what a power ballad should be.  If you're not familiar, definitely search it out.  Blackie is totally into this and it makes me pay attention.  The solo is spot on too.  Damn.  I need to go buy some more W.A.S.P.  Goosebumps.  I'm glad that W.A.S.P. can still surprise me.


King Size - Anthrax.  Up until the release of Worship Music, I was solidly a Bush era Anthrax fan.  He had a maturity to his voice that fit better with Anthrax's hard driving style.  While this remains really solid, it just can't match anything on Worship Music.  Also, I never realized how great of a drummer Charlie Benante is.  I saw a drum battle between him and Mike Portnoy on the YouTube last night and he was absolutely amazing.  Anthrax might have slid past Pantera as my third favorite thrash band.

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