My People Never Bought Gold - Sunday Shuffle

My Sharona - The Knack.  I had no idea this song was in my iTunes.  This is a surprisingly dirty song.  It's making me blush.  He said something about his thigh.  I don't need that kind of filth in my jams.  It's base.  Sheesh.  Where is an old school Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff rap when I need it?  Okay, the solo is rocking hard now.  I don't remember this being on the verge of metal.  Now it's back to being smut.  He's moaning and I don't care for that shit.


What People Are Made Of - Modest Mouse.  Solid punk.  It's kind of unexpected and immensely enjoyable.  Hmm, I'm having a little trouble processing all of the glorious noise right now.  Definitely going to revisit this soon.  iTunes says this is the first play and that is unacceptable.


In My Dreams - Dokken.  This Dokken song is THE Dokken song.  George is on fire and Don isn't completely annoying.  Rhythm guitar is blazing too.  This solo is up there in my all time favorites.  It's ripping fast but doesn't stray too far away from the base of the song.  I try to stay clear of having nostalgia get in the way of my judgement of a song but having spent several years jamming to this one with friends definitely has it's influence.


Never Bought It - Dinosaur Jr.  This fantastic song features a flute.  Yes, a flute.  Flutes can be rock n' roll.  It also has a female vocalist on backups.  Female vocalists can be rock n' roll too.  Combine them and it remains rock n' roll.  At least it does on this.  Otherwise I would question the rock n' roll authenticity.  Mind you the flute isn't over the top like a Jethro Tull song and the woman is just singing backup.  Besides, the scorching solo absolutely obliterates anything that could be construed as not rock n' roll.


Heart Of Gold - Neil Young.  I never fully enjoy a Neil Young song when it shows up on a shuffle.  Listening to Neil requires effort and preparation.  Listening to a single track isn't good enough.  This is the fourth track on Harvest and you need all of the previous songs to get into the correct frame of mind.

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