Here's The Scoop, Having Enemies Is So Damned Retarded. Tuesday Shuffle

Retarded - Afghan Whigs.  Wow, this title wouldn't get though now.  That would have been a bummer as this song is the rock.  It definitely has that late 80's indie sound but it is tempered with some metal type screaming.  I just wished the non-metal portions didn't sound so much like R.E.M.  Thankfully it's a short song, not enough to engender lasting rage.


The End Complete IV:  The Road And The Damned - Coheed & Cambria.  Another quick song.  Also one of my least favorite C&C tracks.  I don't want simplicity when I get a Coheed & Cambria song and this is definitely simple.  That's not to say that it's bad, it's just not what I want.  It could be a good pop song in the hands of the right producer.  Maybe that chick from 4 Non Blondes could give it a go, it's not too far out of her wheelhouse.  


Domani - Greg Dulli.  I really dig the drums on this one.  He also mentions cocaine and I've never heard a song with cocaine mentioned in the lyrics that I dislike.  This is the genesis of the Twilight Singers future sound but it was obviously just the beginning.  Dammit, forgot that he also sings a verse in French.  I hate French in songs that are otherwise sung in English.  Grrr.  Dulli can be an asshole.


The Scoop - Beastie Boys.  Nice!  More Ill Communication tonight!  I always liked the bass line here.  It's funky and progressive at the same time.  Which one is the bass player?  I forget.  Hmm.  Maybe it's not as good as I initially thought.  I'm losing interest.  Surfed over to Facebook midway through.


So Far Away - Dire Straights.  Another song I just can't pay attention to.  It sounds like a nap.  A nap sounds really good right now....  Maybe I'll go to bed early tonight....  YAWN....  I swear to Christ I have found a new cure for insomnia.  Maybe I can ween myself off of the Benadryl now.  There isn't a single change in tempo on this song.


The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies - Faith No More.  Finally something aggressive.  Patton sings "happy birthday, fucker" and I love him for it.  I actually told a woman that I deserved a reward for being the best fuck that she ever had once (another lyric from this song).  She chuckled.  If it wasn't the best it was definitely top 5.  This is punch a sucker in the mouth aggressive.  The nap urge has passed.

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