We Can Fix This Bad Song And Make It Charming - Sunday Shuffle.

Can't We Move This - Dinosaur Jr.  Wall of sound niceness.  Fuzzy guitars, fuzzy vocals.  Could be the pinnacle of Dinosaur Jr. songness.  I really dig the abrupt strings here too.  Good job all around.


Charmer - Kings Of Leon.  Because Of The Times is their best album because of songs like this.  It's unlike anything but wholly enjoyable.  It's more than tough to even identify influences.  Another good job all around.


The Fixer - Pearl Jam.  I still think of the Target commercial they did whenever this song comes up.  Funny.  More of the Bruce Springsteen direction they've been on for a while here.  No big complaints but I can't help to think that they have better in them.


The Zephyr Song - Red Hot Chili Peppers.  I know that I said I was going to shit can all of my RHCP songs but I couldn't lose a few.  This is one.  It's that bullshit rappy stuff but I really dig Frusciante's guitar work on this song.  It's more than good.


Girl Gone Bad - Van Halen.  Ya know what?  This is a damn good song.  I might even like it more than the singles on 1984.  It's been nearly 28 years since this come out but I still want a new Van Halen disc with DLR on vocals.   

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