Nothing Anchors A Man More Than Being Numb To The World - Thursday Shuffle

Nothing - Anthrax.  Yeah.  Love the broader scope of this song.  It's punchy but still accessible.  Definitely hear the influence of the previous album on this song.  It's very Only sounding, just not as massively awesome.  I guess it's just regular awesome.  


She's An Anchor - Duff McKagan's Loaded.  Duff can't sing for shit but he can put together a good song.  This is very riffy, catchy and well produced.  It might take a few more listens to absolutely love it but I have enjoyed it quite a bit the few times it's popped up.  It is lacking an intangible oomph.


I Am The Man - Anthrax.  When I was a kid I thought this was awesome.  It's on par with the Super Bowl Shuffle for me now.  They did manage to tie in Mussolini and anal vapor.  I guess that's kinda cool.  Meh.


One World - Dire Straights.  I don't know this song but I hope it's better than that snooze fest of theirs that showed up a few days ago.  No tempo changes as of yet but there is a funky bass line that might be interesting....  Nope.  Dire Straights kinda sucks.  Another meh.  Batting .500 tonight.  This next one better be boner inducing or I'm going to bed.  Without a boner.


Welcome To The Numb - Motley Crue.  Ugh.  Bluesy Motley Crue isn't my favorite.  It's also John Corabi era Motley Crue so there is that.  John Corabi requested to be my friend on Facebook.  That is a 100% truth.  Needless to say John has seen better days if he sought me out.  Bruce Kulick, a former Kiss guitarist, requested me the day before.  He's John's friend so I guess that's where that came from.  Meh Part III.

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