Caged At Home, The Pressman Dreams Of A Changing Ocean - Monday Shuffle

I'm Coming Home - Cinderella.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with this song.  Hell, it's all right!  The vocals are superb, it's uplifting, a great solo.  All right indeed.  I would dance if I had the skill.


The Pressman - Primus.  I must be tired or something because I'm just not feelin' this at all.  It's too intense for an early evening where fun would be more appreciated.


Rusty Cage - Soundgarden.  Johnny Cash did an admirable job covering this but it is no comparison to the mastery of the original.  I cannot think of a more metal sound from any of the Seattle bands.  Cornell is at his all time best on this song.


Nothing's Changed - Chris Isaak.  Gonna keep it brief tonight.  My attention is somewhere else.  This is a great song.  You should love it like I do.  You're probably not worth my admiration if you don't.


Oceans - Pearl Jam.  You better fucking believe this is good.  I shouldn't even have to tell you.

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