The Giving The Roadcrew Some Whiskey And A Bump Could Be Life Changing - Tuesday Shuffle

Givin' Yourself Away - Ratt.  Ratt isn't a ballad band.  While there's nothing terrible about this song, there isn't a whole lot good about it either.  The synth is unneeded and annoying.  Meh.  It's way too damn long too.  Five plus minutes?  

Whiskey Rock-A-Roller  - Lynyrd Skynyrd.  Needs some energy, hoss.  A Free Bird style kick ass solo would have livened things up.  It's essentially jam band nonsense.

That Was Just Your Life - Metallica.  Another kinda flat song.  It'd be all kinds of domination if Justice or Master didn't exist.  It's a shame the bar was set so high.  This album did renew the confidence in my fandom and up my expectations on the next album.

Hump De Bump - Red Hot Chili Peppers.  This is diggable yo.  Flea is all funky and whatnot.  Frusciante knows his business.  Hold on a second, Flea brings the funky trumpet too.  Chad gets way sexy with the percussion.  Anthony is almost enjoyable.  One of the best RHCP songs.

(We Are) The Roadcrew -Motorhead.  Anything but flat.  Damn, I love Motorhead.  We could be friends if you do too.

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