Give Him Mercury And You Will Control The Walking Elk - Monday Shuffle

Take Control - Weezer.  There is very little difference between this and late 80's metal.  I dig it in a big way.

Elktooth - Wovenhand.  Wovenhand hasn't shown up in a while.  They should show up with more frequency in an ideal world.  This is more of the chanty weirdness they do well.  These songs all build nicely.  I may expand my collection of Wovenhand CDs.

Molochwalker - The Mars Volta.  This is more my speed when it comes to The Mars Volta.  A little funky, odd instrumentation, more Yes than Radiohead.  Good stuff.

On Mercury - Red Hot Chili Peppers.  I really enjoyed this song when it came out but it's unsettling now.  Maybe I listened to it too much back then.  Or it could be that I really have to shit right now.

Give Me All Your Love - Whitesnake.  Never "loved" this song.  Too sing songy, not enough metal though the solo is the hotness.

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