What's Going On With The Free Caffeine In Hell? - Thursday Shuffle

On And On And On - Jack White.  Don't know this song by heart yet.  It better pick up soon or I'm gonna write this off as pretentious douchery.  Two minutes in and still waiting.  I want more rock and less smooth jazz from Jack White.  Okay, I'm not filled with rage so that's a start.  C-.

What Really Goes On - A Tribe Called Quest.  More smooth jazz influence.  Ugh.  At least Q-Tip starts things off.  Dude is solid.  Maybe the smooth jazz sample initially soured me but this is above par hip hop.  B

Follow Me To Hell - Duff McKagan's Loaded.  Slightly off tune punk.  It's unexpected and interesting.  Duff's voice isn't great but it's not distracting.  Gonna spend some time with this CD later tonight.  B+

Free Wheelin' - Cinderella.  Wow, this is a half step below metal.  Cinderella always gets the juices flowing.  Great live band as well.  A

Caffeine - Faith No More.  One of the best songs on a great album.  I'm returning to the gym as a dedicated madman tomorrow

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