They'd Sooner Crawl Through Waves Of Hell Bound Monsters Than Lie - Wednesday Shuffle

Easier Lying - Duff McKagan's Loaded.  It's not as good as Slash's solo disc with all the guest singers but is easily the second best post GnR album by any of the original guys.  That includes Velvet Revolver.  Fine rock n' roll.

Waves - The Twilight Singers.  Damn.  I like this hard edged, quasi metal version of The Twilight Singers.  This album may have supplanted Blackberry Belle as my favorite.  There's an evil energy, tempting energy on this song that makes me pay attention.

Crawl - Anthrax.  It's a slow builder but it definitely kicks in correctly.  Not what you'd expect from Anthrax , very interesting though.  Good interesting, not car wreck interesting.

Monster Skank - The Infectious Grooves.  Always thought this was the best song on the debut.  Equal parts metal and funktastical funktations.  Groovy shit.

Hella Good - No Doubt.  I love this song and don't care if you know it.  Let's keep on dancin'.  

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