Stoned Guns Have Respectful Notions - Sunday Shuffle

Respect - Train.  I have had this song on iTunes for atleast 7 years and this is the first time I recall hearing it.  It's pretty bland and forgettable so that's probably the be the reason.


Rollin' Stoned - Great White.  Decent enough bluesy rock that's expected from Great White.  Nothing exceptional.


Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun - Beastie Boys.  Haven't heard this in forever.  Best track on Paul's Boutique.  Very much a precursor to Check Your Head and Ill Communication.


Gun In Mouth Blues - Henry Rollins Band.  Me and you both Hank...  This sounds too much like Dinosaur Jr.'s Why Don't You Like Me to be coincidental.


Notion - King's Of Leon.  Probably my second favorite song on Only By The Night.  It's jaunty and sad at the same time.

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