Thinking About Getting Forceful In My Twilight Years - Thursday Shuffle

A Thousand Years - Sting.  Sting has such a great voice and writes great songs.  This one is a bit understated yet classy.  It's the 2003 Audi A4 of the musical world.  Maybe the current Lizzy Caplan too.  I like Lizzy Caplan.


I Don't Think - Dinosaur Jr.  Great intro song of Hand It Over.  Loud music for depressed autistic Gen X'rs.  I'm slightly depressed Gen X'r that shows signs of Asperger's.  Could be my theme song.


Use The Force - Jamiroquai.  I'm not embarrassed to be a Jamiroquai fan.  They're really good musicians that just happen to wear funny hats.


Get The Wheel - Greg Dulli.  Precursor to Follow You Down on Blackberry Belle.  I like the proper Twilight Singers Version better.


Twilight Of The Gods - Helloween.  Poor man's Iron Maiden.  Most Helloween songs are better than this but I think they wrote it for a demographic instead of doing what they do well.



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