Friends Don't Believe Me When I Say I Don't Believe In Gravity - Monday Shuffle

Don't Stop Believin' - Journey.  That guy whose wife ran off with Neil Schon can never attend a sporting event, go to a bar, watch TV or even shop for groceries without being reminded of her infidelity.  Journey might be the most powerful organization in the world.  They're ubiquitous.  I really like this song too.


Best Of Me - Ratt.  This song could have been on Dancin' Undercover.  Hell, it could have been the lead single on any of their albums.  That cheesy "wild wild west" lyric chaffs my otherwise supple bottom though.  Great solo, great riff, great chorus.  No major complaints.


Gravity - A Perfect Circle.  Meh.  I don't care for much on the Thirteenth Step.  Too much mood music, not enough mood creating music.  The passion isn't there.


Good Friends And A Bottle Of Pills - Pantera.  This song just sounds like meth and junk and the assholish people that indulge in that stuff..  Always one of my least favorite Pantera songs. 


When Doves Cry - Prince & the Revolution.  I have a half dozen rational reasons to dislike When Doves Cry but none of them matter whenever it comes up.  If the guitar solo was more prominent in the mix it might be one of the best ever.

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