Don's Ghost Is Sinning In The Back Of An RV - Tuesday Shuffle

You Are The Saint, I Am The Sinner - Winger.  Reb Beach is a woefully underrated guitarist.  I know he's appreciated in the melodic rock circles but he shoulda been put up there with George Lynch and Warren DeMartini.  Guess it's the stigma of being in Winger that held him back.


RV - Faith No More.  It's a novelty song that would have ruined any other album.  Luckily it was on Angel Dust and one clunker doesn't take away from the mastery of that disc.  Even the rocking part in the middle and at the end doesn't supplant the silly vibe.


Ghost - Slash ft. Ian Astburry.  Straight up rock domination.  Gonna go ahead and say it's the best song on Slash's solo album.  Slash brings the a-game and Ian is on top of it too.  This is what I hoped Velvet Revolver would have been.  Love it.


The Don Of Dons - Neptunes.  It's the most tolerable reggae song ever.  The Neptunes have a skill in making the unlistenable almost decent.  Don't love it but I don't cringe when it comes up.


Breaks My Back - Jerry Cantrell.  I like it but a double tracked vocal isn't harmonizing.  Jerry needs someone more talented vocally to smooth it out.  If Layne sang on it it would be a top ten AIC song.  All of the elements are there.  Hell, Boggy Depot would be my favorite AIC album is Layne was on it.

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