Broken Pieces Of Love Will Make The Rooster Mean - Wednesday Shuffle

The Rooster - Outkast.  Big Boi is a skilled MC.  Straight up old school style with top notch, progressive production.  It's easy to see why white people like Outkast.  Andre is an artsy weirdo for the hipsters and Big Boi is a slightly more intimidating Will Smith for the squares.


Mean Eyed Cat - Johnny Cash.  John Honey Baby will chase after a woman that is careless with money.  I would of let her frivolous ass stay gone.  The song itself is the niceness.


Piece - Lita Ford.  This song is disgraceful.  There is nothing redeeming about it.  Yech.  Poop.  I can't finish it.  


Too Young To Fall In Love - Motley Crue.  Right at this moment I believe this is the best Motley Crue song.  Don't bring that Wild Side bullshit either.  It's overplayed.  Home Sweet Home you say?  I say fuck you Sarah.  I'm not a girl hoping to get a peek at Vince's goods or a heartbroken teenaged boy.


Empty House On Broken Hill - Brett Detar.  If it's sad and has steel guitar I think it's okay but this is nothing to go nutty over.  Brett really wants to be Ryan Bingham but fails.  It has all of right parts but feels overly manufactured.



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