Attractive Blind Girls Smiling Are Out Of Control - Tuesday Shuffle.

Imagination Blind - Dinosaur Jr.  The bassist takes over vocal on this one.  When I saw a Q&A with the band and Henry Rollins the bassist came across as a douche and still hurt over being fired 20 plus years earlier.  I don't care for Dinosaur Jr's bassist.  This song is good though.  J is on point.


Smile - Pearl Jam.  One of the lesser "landscape" Pearl Jam songs.  It's no Oceans or In My Tree but still great in it's own right.  The harmonica, usually a song killer is tolerable.  


Strange Attraction - The Cure.  I was just talking to someone about this album earlier this week and how I like a happy Cure better than the dour Cure.  This song is almost giddy.  Well, as giddy as the Cure can be.


Septet op. 20 - Beethoven.  It's hard to come up with a criticism of LVB but I'll give it a go.  Septet op. 20 is for dandies that like their septets to be prancy.  Prancy dandies like Septet op. 20.


Gremmie Out Of Control - Pearl Jam.  This is bullshit man.  The biggest waste of a Pearl Jam song ever.  I know that it's on a double disc of b-sides and unreleased tracks but it doesn't negate the fact that this is a stinky pile of poo.  It should have been axed. 

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