Lonely Hearts Trade In Multiple Currencies. Friday Shuffle

Lonely Soul - UNKLE.  The dude from The Verve takes over vocal duty on this one.  Probably my favorite track on Pcyence Fiction.  Simple beat with a few really nice strings as accompaniment.  Bass is used effectively too.  Gonna see what the dude from The Verve has been up to.  My first guess is that he spends most of his time being really, really ugly.


Keep Your Heart - TV On The Radio.  Really disappointed with the latest TVOTR album.  More of the same but somehow less too.  It's like they're playing it safe and have become exceedingly boring doing so.  A tempo change after a minute would have been welcomed.  It's codeine music.  I would say purple drank music but there is one white guy in the band.


Straight For The Heart - Whitesnake.  YES!!!  Don't think this was a single but very well could have been the lead.  For a while there Whitesnake was my favorite band.  This song was a big reason they were bestowed the title.  Tawny Kitaen helped too.


The Multiverse - Voivod.  I would love these guys every bit as much as King's X and Queensryche if the singer was better.  With a different singer, this song could very well be in the pantheon other prog greats.  I really hope the singer isn't the one who died.  I'd feel like the biggest asshole ever if he was.... at least for a while anyway.


Strange Currencies - R.E.M.  I'm glad they broke up.  Overrated dicks.

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