Johnny Is Going To Look At Falling Stars - Wednesday Shuffle

Johnny Appleseed - Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros.  Spirit lifting perfection.  This is in my top five songs of all time.  It just makes me feel good and wanting to be good to everyone I meet.  


A Looking In View - Alice Chains.  A better song on the Black Gives Way To Blue album put it just can't compete with Joe Strummer right now.


Going Nowhere - Chis Isaak.  Chris says he likes this girl but insists on essentially calling her a loser.  Fun, heavy country influence, all the makings of a solid Chris Isaak song.  Success.


When The Stars Begin To Fall - Tomahawk.  Frenetic freak out followed up with a jazzy refrain.  It's all over the place and not really in a good way.   Mit Gas is a great album but this song has always rubbed me the wrong way.


Canto 34 - Five Finger Death Punch.  A little melodic death metal tweaked with prog elements.  Can really hear the influences on this instrumental.  Almost a re-imagined Mr. Scary.  Good stuff.

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