Constantly Stealing Cocaine Is An Actionable Tragedy - Tuesday Shuffle

The Constant - Anthrax.  Song off of the album that came out today.  First time hearing it and it's exceptional.  Belladonna has grown into his voice as an older fella.  Gonna devour the album after the shuffle.  Seriously enjoying it.


Cocaine Cowboys - WASP.  I was terrified of WASP when I was a kid, legitimately thought they would make me a satanist if I listened too much.  Turns out they are an accessible rock band and not scary in the least bit.  Still never heard a song that mentions cocaine that I dislike.


Sex Action - LA Guns.  This summer marked the first time in the last 6 years that I haven't seen LA Guns.  They're far from my favorite band but always seem to show up where I am.  When I say LA Guns I mean the Tracii Guns version.  Phil Lewis doesn't have Guns anywhere in his name.  I do like this song.


Tragedy's A Comin' - Primus.  Another new album that came out today.  Haven't heard it yet.  First impression is FUCK YES!  Digging the funky vibe.  It's different from other Primus songs but somehow the same.  Exactly what I want in a new record. Definitely queuing this album after Anthrax.  


Been Caught Stealing - Jane's Addiction.  The weirdest song to ever be a real hit.  No complaints.

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