There Is a Ghost Driving On The Burning Road - Monday Shuffle.

I Drove All Night - Cyndi Lauper.  At this moment, I can not think of a better song in any genre from any era.  Cyndi's passion is on full display.  This isn't the ditzy air head from Girls Just Wanna Have Fun or She Bop.  She's a full fledged, complex woman.  She also has a great voice.  I love her.  


Ghost - Pearl Jam.  Riot Act sucks balls.  They were obviously just filling their obligation to Sony.  I don't really have much to say here.  It's boring and very unlike Pearl Jam.  It's the poop of Pearl Jam.


The Road's Still Long - Cinderella.  I hate to admit it but this is the very first time I have ever heard this song.  Still Climbing, their last studio album, was available at the used shop a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't pass on it.  It definitely relies on the bluesier side of rock but it's complex enough to make me pay attention.  Damn.  I missed out when this came out.  It's really good.  Gonna put this in the truck for a harder listen during the commute.  I'm surprised they've never played this when I've seen them live.


Bam - King's X.  It's not a song.  It starts out with a screeching guitar and ends with an old recording that promotes the Edison Phonograph.  It's a waste of a track.  It's the poop of King's X.


Paris Is Burning - Dokken.  This is a live version recorded in 1982.  George Lynch was already a guitar master back then.  This track opens up with a pretty intense and complex solo.  Don even sounds good.  30 years of smoking, drug use and alcoholism has ruined that man.  Not just his voice either.  He looks like a bloated corpse wearing a wig.

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