My Luck Mirrors Black Science From Time To Time - Sunday Shuffle

Rearviewmirror - Pearl Jam.  I mentioned the third best Pearl Jam driving song last week and, lo and behold, number one pops up.  Most of us have driven too fast while this was playing.  It builds in all the right spots and settles into a great "look out the window and process life" kinda mood.  I am going to go ahead and call this the all time best driving song.  I will entertain dissenting opinions but you gotta come with hard evidence to dissuade me.


The Sounds Of Science - Beastie Boys.  Hmm.  I don't know what to think of this.  It's been a while since I've heard it.  First impression?  It's a specific kind of dated weird that just doesn't work anymore.  Hold on, it settles into a really nice old school rap jam.  Fantastic.  They also dis Fila at one point and that is about at old school as it gets.


Times Like These - Foo Fighters.  I guess this is their most popular song and I can see why up to a point.  It's far from my favorite on One By One.  They did some great, progressive, even metallic stuff on that one but this is just one of the poppy songs that just doesn't sit well with me.  I almost think that Dave is apt to dump down what he really wants to do for the sake of a broad audience.  It's a shame as I'd rather be repulsed by brilliance than be bored to death by the lowest common denominator.


All Out Of Luck - Whitesnake.  Ol' man Coverdale did a great job in putting together an album that captures the 80's sound but remains fresh on most levels.  This song is no different.  I love hearing a solo too and this one is really, really good.  Reb is the man.  Lots of experimenting with tones and tempo too.  Good song.


Black Again - Stone Temple Pilots.  I don't care for Shangri La Dee Da and that's not the hipsterish thing to say.  It focus too much on tone and building texture than rocking.  STP is a good rock band and should play to their strengths.  This song is good but I would never have an urge to seek it out.

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