Living In Jail Can Be Peaceful With Enough Dollars - Sunday Shuffle

Recently updated my iTunes and somehow more than half of my songs won't play.  Got the damned ol' exclamation mark next to most of them.  Don't feel like hunting them down so it's gonna be a Spotify radio kind of shuffle.  Going with The Afghan Whigs radio just because I'm predictable.

What Jail Is Like - The Afghan Whigs.  I know what jail is like.  It's nothing like this song.  This is good.

Live With Me - The Twilight Singers.  Lanegan sings this perfectly.  

Citi Soleil - The Afghan Whigs.  Fucking French.  Ugh.  The Whigs get a pass for this song though because they're great.

Total Peace - Sebadoh.  I've never heard this song, or anything from this band for that matter.  I don't like it.  In fact it's kinda shitty.

Forty Dollars - The Twilight Singers.  My least favorite song from my least favorite Twilight Singers album. Spotify radio can go to hell.

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