The Revolution Will Be A Disaster Without Cassandra's Santeria - Monday Shuffle

Santeria - Sublime.  I really want to find someone that practices Santeria.  I'd ask them "What is Santeria?"  Not in a Sublime kind of mood at the moment.  It's more annoying than enjoyable.

Revolution Screams - Anthrax.  This song clocks in at 15 plus minutes.  That's reasonable considering it's full on awesome.  After more than a few listens, Worship Music is Anthrax's masterwork.  It's equally heavy and accessible.  

Cassandra Geminni: B Plant A Nail In The... - The Mars Volta.  This is thinking man's music.  At this very moment, I'd rather listen to a standard rock song without having to worry about the deeper subtext.  Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you find progressive art rock pretentious.

This Is The Place - Red Hot Chili Peppers.  It needs more Frusciante energy, less chorus.

Natural Disaster - Tomahawk.  Just saw that Tomahawk is playing the Voodoo Fest in New Orleans this fall.  I might load up the truck and go for that.  Hopefully there will be some new material before then.  New material along the lines of Mit Gas preferably.  

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