Good Girl Dies, On The Way To Heaven - Sunday Shuffle.

RV - Faith No More.  Would anyone tell me if I was getting stupider?  I like to think that yes, someone would tell me.  This is a great example of being experimental and progressive without being too weird.


Good Girl - The Neptunes/Vanessa Marquez.  She must have been blowing Pharrell.  Her voice is almost okay.  The song is barely dancing on the edge of tolerable.  Meh.


Something Happened On The Way To Heaven - Phil Collins.  Hot damn!  A vastly underrated PC jam, great horns, classic Phil voice, nice beat.  Good stuff all around.


Die Walkure - Wagner.  Kill the wabbit!  It's Hitler boner approved too. Ah Nazis and Bugs Bunny, two great tastes that taste great together.


Speechless - School Of Fish.  Sad, desperate song.  Spent many an hour feeling sorry for myself listening to this song.  I got over it.



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