Choked Voices Follow You Away - Thursday Shuffle.

Follow You Down - Twilight Singers.  The Twilight Singers are playing Blackberry Belle in it's entirety at a gig in San Francisco.  SUPER stoked to be lucky enough to get a ticket today.  This song has the makings of being an epic.  Kinda like that it was left short.


I Could Die For You - Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Always dug this song.  It's different enough but not annoyingly different.


So Far Away - Dire Straights.  Always thought this was more of a country song.  My dad liked it when it came out.  I was agnostic about it.  Still am.


Voices - Disturbed.  Online friends are always singing the praises of this band.  There's just something it that I can't get into.  It may be too polished, too slick.


All Choked Up Again - Ryan Bingham.  This is the second or third murder of the album.  Remind me to never cross Ryan Bingham. 

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