Educate The Plush Toys In The Cradle Now Or Plant Them As Seeds Later - Tuesday Shuffle

Cradle - The Joy Formidable.  The best new band so far of the twenty-teens.  No pretentious hipster shit or piling on a superlative here.  They are a legitimately great rock band.

Plush - Stone Temple Pilots.  Hey now, another legitimately great rock band.  This is a definite Pearl Jam rip off though.  Glad they grew beyond that.

Over Now - Alice In Chains.  Great rock band part 3 just popped up on all y'all's asses.  For real, yo.  Only critique is that the song is a couple of minutes too long.

Seed - Sublime.  I really dislike ska tinted Sublime.  Weird because I generally like ska and, for the most part, really like Sublime.

Education - Pearl Jam.  For a non-single, I like it.  By the way, most of my music isn't 90's.  The shuffle is  making me look silly.

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