Chef Mamacita Is Ready To Fix Some Ragoo - Monday Shuffle

Mamacita - Outkast.  Huh, I don't know about this.  I've listened to Aquemini quite a few times but I have no recollection of this song.  Kids are rapping now.  Children have no business being rappers.  Remember Kris Kross?  They were terrible and made me hate children rappers for an eternity.  Andre finally comes in with some correction.  It's too slow though.  Slow rap is kinda shitty.  Its also over 5 minutes.  There are very few rap songs worth more than 3 and a half minutes.  Pretty sure this is the crappiest song on Aquemini.

Ragoo - Kings of Leon.  There is absolutely nothing to dislike the song.  Even the silly name makes me smile.  It makes me think of Adam Sandler's talking goat.  Ragoo-aye-festivole-aye.  I wish their newest album had a glimmer of this level of goodness.  

Meth Vs. Chef - Method Man.  It's a heavy rap night so far but when Method Man comes up I have no recourse but to rejoice.  He really was my favorite rapper of the 90's.  Some say Biggie was the best but I disagree.  His googly eye was a distraction.  It's all I could think of when a song of his came up.  Meth was just a pissed off New Yorker that sounded like he smoked too much.

Point And Click - Tomahawk.  I normally really enjoy this song quite a bit but it's just noise to me right now.  The breathy bullshit seems stupid.  Post FNM Patton can take a flying leap for all I care. (This opinion will change in the next 20 minuites, don't hold me to it)

Are You Ready For The Country? - Neil Young.  This is the shittiest song on Harvest.  I downloaded a newer song of his over the weekend that blows this one out of the water.  You people need to realize that just because it's old and part of an otherwise great album doesn't mean that the individual song is good.  The Neil Young that wrote this song can take a flying leap for all I care. (I will always maintain this opinion)

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