Bukowski Is On Fire In Hell - Tuesday Shuffle

On Fire - Van Halen.  Haven't heard this in forever.  Damn fine bass playing by Michael Anthony.  Fun song.


Bukowski - Modest Mouse.  Great combination of banjo, recorder and bass strings that's not used nearly enough.  Seriously.  This almost like an artsier Primus song.


1985 - Bowling For Soup.  I hate this fucking song.  It gets a skip.  An angry skip at that.


Are You With Me Now - Sixx A.M.  Good enough pop rock song.  It may be too emo for a regular listen but that's okay.  As long as it doesn't show up on the shuffle too often I'm okay with it.


My Own Hell - Five Finger Death Punch.  The double bass drumming is a little much.  They're definitely channeling System of a Down on this one.  The angry vocals would be cool if I was 14.  Not so much now.

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