Hot Hats Hate Sorrow - Monday Shuffle

Harvester Of Sorrow - Metallica.  The seeds of the Black album right here.  Even at that, still superior in every way.  


Hate You - King's X.  Hate is such a strong word guys.  How about a little compassion?  Not feeling the plodding stuff today.


Hats Off - Primus.  Les Claypool sings in a perfect southern accent.  It's kinda weird for a California boy to have it down so masterfully.  Good enough song.


Have It All - Foo Fighters.  One By One is a great album, Have It All is one of the lesser tracks though.  Too poppy I guess.  Foo is always at their best when they venture into prog or metal.


Heaven & Hot Rods - Stone Temple Pilots.  Great song that I haven't heard in forever.  

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