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Let The Downed Tree Sprout One Young Sapling - Thursday Shuffle

Knock Me Down - Red Hot Chili Peppers.  I found $20 in front of the counter at Musicland when buying this tape in 1989.  $20 was a godsend back then.  Been a mostly devoted RHCP fan since.  Finding another twenty when purchasing something Peppers related would cement my admiration.  I'd even quit talking shit about Anthony.

One Chance - Modest Mouse.  Good News For People Who Love Bad News is a top ten album of the 2000's.  Talented, violent, and weird musicians can do great…


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They'd Sooner Crawl Through Waves Of Hell Bound Monsters Than Lie - Wednesday Shuffle

Easier Lying - Duff McKagan's Loaded.  It's not as good as Slash's solo disc with all the guest singers but is easily the second best post GnR album by any of the original guys.  That includes Velvet Revolver.  Fine rock n' roll.

Waves - The Twilight Singers.  Damn.  I like this hard edged, quasi metal version of The Twilight Singers.  This album may have supplanted Blackberry Belle as my favorite.  There's an evil energy, tempting energy on this song that makes me pay…


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The Giving The Roadcrew Some Whiskey And A Bump Could Be Life Changing - Tuesday Shuffle

Givin' Yourself Away - Ratt.  Ratt isn't a ballad band.  While there's nothing terrible about this song, there isn't a whole lot good about it either.  The synth is unneeded and annoying.  Meh.  It's way too damn long too.  Five plus minutes?  

Whiskey Rock-A-Roller  - Lynyrd Skynyrd.  Needs some energy, hoss.  A Free Bird style kick ass solo would have livened things up.  It's essentially jam band nonsense.

That Was Just Your Life - Metallica.  Another kinda…


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Give Him Mercury And You Will Control The Walking Elk - Monday Shuffle

Take Control - Weezer.  There is very little difference between this and late 80's metal.  I dig it in a big way.

Elktooth - Wovenhand.  Wovenhand hasn't shown up in a while.  They should show up with more frequency in an ideal world.  This is more of the chanty weirdness they do well.  These songs all build nicely.  I may expand my collection of Wovenhand CDs.

Molochwalker - The Mars Volta.  This is more my speed when it comes to The Mars Volta.  A little…


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What's Going On With The Free Caffeine In Hell? - Thursday Shuffle

On And On And On - Jack White.  Don't know this song by heart yet.  It better pick up soon or I'm gonna write this off as pretentious douchery.  Two minutes in and still waiting.  I want more rock and less smooth jazz from Jack White.  Okay, I'm not filled with rage so that's a start.  C-.

What Really Goes On - A Tribe Called Quest.  More smooth jazz influence.  Ugh.  At least Q-Tip starts things off.  Dude is solid.  Maybe the smooth jazz sample initially soured me but this…


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It's A Groovy Summer Day When You Can Get High Without Being Itchy - Wednesday Shuffle

All In A Day - Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros.  Feel good music right here, fella.  Think I'll name my next dog Strummer.  I have two unnamed cats and neither one is likable enough to have such a great name.  They currently respond to Shit Bag and Ech.

Groovy Times - The Clash.  Hey!  It's Stummer again!  More feel goodery.  Yup, the next dog is definitely going to be named Strummer.

Scratch That Itch - Ratt.  Good rock n' roll music.  Ratt has done wrong…


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They're Evolving, Mind Over Gut - Monday Shuffle

Mind Eraser, No Chaser - Them Crooked Vultures.  Like plus.

They're Red Hot - Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Solid indifference.

Do The Evolution - Pearl Jam.  The choir stuff turns me off.  Two farts with a bottle of Febreze.

Over - A Perfect Circle.  Xylophone bullshit.  More enjoyment can be found washing baseboards.

Rotgut - Tomahawk.  Good like gravy.

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Knowing The Trip Would Be Long, Her Family Boarded The Jet To Find El Dorado - Sunday Shuffle

Gotta Know - Dinosaur Jr.  The worst track on Hand It Over.  Meh.  Everyone is entitled and occasional stinker, including J.

Everlong - Foo Fighters.  Best song of the 90's.  Easily top 5 of all time.  Could be #1 for me in the correct mindset.

Family Tree - TV On The Radio.  Initially, I was disappointed by Dear Science.  It was so different from Cookie Mountain that I was turned off but it has grown on me since.  The newest one, however, remains a poop pile.…


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The Revolution Will Be A Disaster Without Cassandra's Santeria - Monday Shuffle

Santeria - Sublime.  I really want to find someone that practices Santeria.  I'd ask them "What is Santeria?"  Not in a Sublime kind of mood at the moment.  It's more annoying than enjoyable.

Revolution Screams - Anthrax.  This song clocks in at 15 plus minutes.  That's reasonable considering it's full on awesome.  After more than a few listens, Worship Music is Anthrax's masterwork.  It's equally heavy and accessible.  

Cassandra Geminni: B Plant A Nail In…


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Living In Jail Can Be Peaceful With Enough Dollars - Sunday Shuffle

Recently updated my iTunes and somehow more than half of my songs won't play.  Got the damned ol' exclamation mark next to most of them.  Don't feel like hunting them down so it's gonna be a Spotify radio kind of shuffle.  Going with The Afghan Whigs radio just because I'm predictable.

What Jail Is Like - The Afghan Whigs.  I know what jail is like.  It's nothing like this song.  This is good.

Live With Me - The Twilight Singers.  Lanegan sings this perfectly.…


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Her Beautiful Eyes Can Be Cold When Peering At The Seven Miners - Thursday Shuffle

Ballad Of The Baconsfield Miners.  Australian bluegrass?  It's not bad.

Through These Eyes - Lynch Mob.  Too much Zep in the vocals for my liking.  Not enough shredding for a Lynch Mob song.  Gonna be generous with a C-.

Cold Desert - Kings Of Leon.  Dang, what is it with the ballads tonight, iTunes?  Definitely my least favorite track on Only By The Night.  Even at that, I'm gonna listen intently and enjoy.  Hoping the next song is a rocker…


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The Fortress Of Salt Can Not Desensitize My Righteous Euphoria - Wednesday Shuffle

Self-Righteous Wall - Ryan Bingham.  This is a gruff voiced fella for being in his 20's.  He'll be the greatest country & western singer of all time at 40 if he keeps up his current pace of living.  There was mention of a new album on his FB page the other day.  I was giddy.

Desensitized - Mighty Mighty Bosstones.  More straight up metal from these fellas.  I dig it.

Euphoria - School Of Fish.  Ah, my Sr. year shoe gaze song.  Good…


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Trinkets From A Hairlip Are Treasure For The Loveless And Hellbound - Tuesday Shuffle

Treasure - The Cure.  The Cure-iest song on Wild Mood Swings.  Plenty of sad strings and cry-singing.  

This I Love - Guns N' Roses.  By far the most hate-able track on Chinese Democracy.  It probably ruins the perception of the entire album for a lot of people.  Yuck.

Harelip - Tomahawk.  I've known a few of hairlips and they all dislike being called hairlip.  They should lighten up and listen to this song.

Trinkets Of Pale Moon - The Mars Volta.…


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Ah, An Ugly Revenge Can Be Found In The Crossfire Of Serbia's Battlefields - Monday Shuffle

Ugly In The Morning - Faith Now More.  4.5 out of 5.3

Ah Ha - Butthole Surfers.  8.9 out of 9.8

Serbia - The Cult.  Three Tesla's out of four The Cults.

Crossfire - Scorpions.  Two cuckoo clocks out of one French invasion.

Shackler's Revenge - Guns N' Roses.  A tumbler of Old Crow at an all Wild Turkey 101 bar.

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The Decadent Peach Was Brutus' Shame - Sunday Shuffle

Decadance - Living Colour.  Really hoping for a new album from these guys soon.  The last one was their best, maybe they can top it.  This song is one of the better on that album too.  I could never figure out why a bunch of black dudes from the US would use the English spelling of color in their name.  Weird.

Even You Brutus? - Red Hot Chili Peppers.  I kinda like Anthony trying to be Bob Dylan more than shitty rap Anthony.  This is way out of the usual for RHCP.  Good…


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I Had A Gun But It's Broken - Tuesday Shuffle

What I Got - Sublime.  !  This song makes me want to smoke a cigarette.  Damn you Sublime.  It's been nearly two years.  I'll stay strong though.  That's me.  Strong.  I can squat 500 pounds.  Temptation is a bitch though.  

Guns Blazing - UNKLE.  More than a minute of intro kills a song, no matter how funky fresh the beat my ultimately be.  Too bad, as this song is indeed funky and fresh.  I'll just fast forward through the intro next time.

Lies - Baby Cake.  I…


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Would The Drunkard's Kid Break Down When Visiting Him Under The Bridge? - Monday Shuffle

Break So Easy - Mighty Mighty Bosstones.  By far my favorite from these guys.  It pushes the bounds of metal with a horn section.  The guys are comfortable away from ska.  Good.

Kneeling Drunkard's Plea - Johnny Cash.   Having Tom Petty do the back up vocals automatically makes it a Tom Petty song.  I like the bouncy sadness.

Under The Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers.  I am legitimately sick of this song.  You can see the evidence if you really want…


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The Dragon's Test Also Enters It Into That Thing - Sunday Shuffle

Where Dragons Dwell - Gorjira.  The Zakk Wylde pitch harmonics screechy shit can ruin a song even when he's not playing.  Minus that musical misstep, this is full on aggressive metal.  Can't believe I like a French band.  It makes me question everything I believe in.  Oh, I will be starting season one of Game Of Thrones this week sometime.  I hear that dragons dwell on that show.

Littlething - Jimmy Eat World.  Oh Jimmy.  I wish you would find it in your heart to knock off the…


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As The Bones Fade To Blue Dust, Sir, Your Halo Brightens - Thursday Shuffle

Roll The Bones - Rush.  Minus the rappy slappy crappy in the middle, this is a great Rush song.  Can't fault the fellas for wanting to try something new.  The "ya dig?" part is absolutely cringe worthy though.

Sir Yes Sir - Tomahawk.  Second best song on the self titled disc.  Gotta love a Patton freak out!

Fade - King's X.  Dang, it's been more than two Shuffles since the last King's X song popped.  Glad it was this one that broke the streak.  Good harmonies,…


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A Man's Soul Never Completely Deserts Love - Wednesday Shuffle

Desertion - Sevendust.  Sing-songy but I like the guitar.  It's outside of the normal tone for these guys.  It ends nicely.

Never Bought It - Dinosaur Jr.  The flute adds, not detracts.  The female vocal is a nice touch as well.  This and I'm Insane are a couple of my favorites because they sound like Dinosaur Jr. without sounding too much like Dinosaur Jr. Odd instruments used in a less than traditional way always intrigues me.

Soul To Squeeze - Red Hot Chili…


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