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Powerful Dreams Of Shining Waste - Thursday Shuffle

Wasted Words - The Allman Brothers Band.  Once you decide that Southern rock isn't silly or somehow just for the lessers, there is a lot to enjoy.  Piano is woefully underused in most rock music but the Allman Brothers never shy away.  The guitar can be a little twangy here and there, no major complaints though.  I like it.


Day Dream - Smashing Pumpkins.  Hold on a second, I don't hate this.  It likely has something to do with the chick singing this track.  Billy Corgan's…


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The Man's Vast Rock Collection Has Been Dealt A Setback - Tuesday Shuffle

Setback - The Constellations.  It's good but it doesn't generate real emotion beyond that.  Anonymous hipster Muzak.  It's the kind of shit someone with tortoise shell glasses and unkempt hair would dance slowly to.   I suspect that person is uninformed but likes to talk about politics and hash tags everything #OWS like a dickbag.


Porcelina Of The Vast Oceans.  GADAMMIT!  I've been on a silent crusade of hate against The Smashing Pumpkins since last nights Shuffle.  I almost…


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The Glorious Fast River Is A Path To Freedom - Monday Suffle

Love Will Set You Free - Whitesnake.  Rock!!!  This is very close to 80's Whitesnake.  I also like that the video has an older woman as the object of Coverdale's lust.  She was a looker....  for an older woman.  Really good solo too.  


Paths Of Glory - Faith No More.  For the first time ever, I'm not feeling this song.  It sounds dated and flat.  Been loading up with new stuff lately.  Hopefully some of that will hit.


How Fast - Rocco DeLuca & The Burden.…


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Listen, Jim's Cold Rainbow Is All In His Head - Sunday Shuffle

The Black Rainbow - Coheed and Cambria.  Understated isn't a word that should ever be used to described a C&C song so I'll call it subdued.  You're never hit over the head with any kind of bombast yet they create a cinematic, epic song here.  These are my favorite kinds of songs.  This is also the song that cemented my permanent fandom.


You Don't Mess Around With Jim - Jim Croce.  Jim sure likes singing about bad asses.  I think this is the superior of the Jim Croce bad…


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When Walking Through My Door, Know That Love Is A Lie - Thursday Shuffle

I Was In Love With You - Gutter Twins.  I was in love with this song at one point but lost the fire.  Think there is an ember still glowing.  It's glow brightens now.  I'm at REALLY like.  Okay I love this song again.  It works that way sometimes.  Love is a mystery.  The song is now only a memory.  It was great while it lasted baby but there are new songs in my future.


Would I Lie To You - Eurythemics.  Annie Lennox has decent pipes.  She's not a great soul singer but is…


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Call Me When Trouble Dies In A Hard Celestial Mishap - Wednesday Shuffle.

What Doesn't Die - Anthrax.  I sometimes forget that We've Come For You All had more than a few decent tracks.  This is one of them.  Nothing exceptional, just decent enough to not make me angry.


Celestial Annihilation - UNKLE.  Never cared for this.  It misses the mark.  Too much cheesy synth and the beat is marginal.  It might have been cutting edge in the mid 90's but almost any kid with Garage Band could do it better now.


Trouble Comes Running - Spoon.  I…


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The U.S.A. Wants Beauty Everywhere - Tuesday Shuffle

I've Been Everywhere - Johnny Cash.  I have been to 93% of the places Johnny Cash mentions.  It's not everywhere but it's more than most.  No one ever mentions that Johnny admits to being a murderous drifter after the first listing of locations.  It's disturbing.  That aside, this is a fun song.


The Beautiful Ones - Fol Chen.  This was on a disc of covers Spin released to celebrate the 25 anniversary of Purple Rain.  It's a serviceable rendition but still a piece of shit when…


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Hanging On To Silence While Your Home Burns To The Ground - Monday Shuffle

Breaking The Silence - Queensryche.  Domination.  It might be the best track on Mindcrime.  I do say that in the context of the shuffle though.  My opinion is likely to change depending on whether or not a different Mindcrime track comes up in the next few minutes.  


My Bridges Burn - The Cult.  Rock solid sleaze.  Ian Astbury is the ultimate front man.  He's a weirdo that can sing.  A good producer brings out The Cult's talent.


Hangin' Tree - Queens Of The…


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Sleeping On The Back Of A Dying Day - Sunday Shuffle

Double Day - The Afghan Whigs.  This song, and album, never gets old for me.  It's the perfect combination of sinister deviance, neediness, aggression and depression.  Love it.  Grandiose narcissism peppered with low self esteem.   It rocks too.


A Song For Sleeping - Stone Temple Pilots.  Never really cared for this era of STP.  It's neutered and uninteresting.  Blah.


Dying Breed - Five Finger Death Punch.  I might have complained about the double bass before…


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My Son's Journey To Sanity Has Been Setback By The Ice Santa - Thursday Shuffle

Son Of The South - David Alan Coe.  Good timin' party rock best played by the river or in a field.  Good stuff.  Warren Haynes played guitar on this version.


Hail Santa - Primus.  Spacey man.....  The bicycle bell has never been played so perfectly.


Setback - The Constellations.  This group needs some consistency.  I really like this song and a couple of others but the great majority of what they put out is flat.  They're trying hard to be LCD Soundsytem but…


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The Slaughtered Suburbanites Should Go To The Tetons For A Sacred Life - Wednesday Shuffle.

Blame It On The Tetons - Modest Mouse.  I have specific reasons to blame a lot on the Tetons but I'll put those to the side for now.  This is one of the better songs on the Good News disc.  I know that I've been talking smack on down tempo songs but Blame It On The Tetons is a fantastic expression of loneliness and anger and loss and... everything.  It's a great song to just sit and listen to, man...  It's hippy shit but good hippy shit.


Sacred Life - The Cult.  Another above…


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Being Virtual Crucified On A Hot Day Is Never A Good Time - Tuesday Shuffle

Hot And Bothered - Cinderella.  This is a much better stripper song than Pour Some Sugar On Me.  It should have been the song that made Cinderella as huge as Def Leppard.  Hell, if I was capable of dancing I would to this song.  Can't imagine there is a huge market for uncoordinated, hairy, 230 pound dudes to do so though.  At least markets I would be comfortable performing for.


Someday Never Comes - Credence Clearwater Revival.  The mix on this is enraging.  It upsets me to…


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My Success Happens In Shadows And Red Dresses - Monday Shuffle.

Red Dress - TV On The Radio.  Much better than yesterday's TVOTR song.  I dig the horns and funky vibe.  Hell, it's not too far from a pop song.  


Repeating Myself - King's X.  Ty Tabor takes over lead vocals on this one and it's a nice change of pace.  He has a Geddy Lee quality to his voice but not quite as high.  Not a lot of energy on this one but it works.  


What Happened - J. Mascis.  One of the better song's on J's latest solo album.  It's like a bare…


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Some Say American Land Is for Girls' Eyes Only - Sunday Shuffle

American Idiot - Green Day.  It is what it is, a decent pop punk song.  Critics that assign greatness to this song are deaf or delusional.  It's a simple, catchy song.  Dookie is, by far, a better album than American Idiot.


Bette Davis Eyes - Kim Carnes.  I am convinced she has possession of Bette Davis' actual eyes.  She is a creepy weirdo that will go home with anyone after all.  Kim Carnes' voice rubs me the wrong way.  I think her raspy tone is an affectation.…


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Lonely Hearts Trade In Multiple Currencies. Friday Shuffle

Lonely Soul - UNKLE.  The dude from The Verve takes over vocal duty on this one.  Probably my favorite track on Pcyence Fiction.  Simple beat with a few really nice strings as accompaniment.  Bass is used effectively too.  Gonna see what the dude from The Verve has been up to.  My first guess is that he spends most of his time being really, really ugly.


Keep Your Heart - TV On The Radio.  Really disappointed with the latest TVOTR album.  More of the same but somehow less too.…


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Broken Pieces Of Love Will Make The Rooster Mean - Wednesday Shuffle

The Rooster - Outkast.  Big Boi is a skilled MC.  Straight up old school style with top notch, progressive production.  It's easy to see why white people like Outkast.  Andre is an artsy weirdo for the hipsters and Big Boi is a slightly more intimidating Will Smith for the squares.


Mean Eyed Cat - Johnny Cash.  John Honey Baby will chase after a woman that is careless with money.  I would of let her frivolous ass stay gone.  The song itself is the…


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Attractive Blind Girls Smiling Are Out Of Control - Tuesday Shuffle.

Imagination Blind - Dinosaur Jr.  The bassist takes over vocal on this one.  When I saw a Q&A with the band and Henry Rollins the bassist came across as a douche and still hurt over being fired 20 plus years earlier.  I don't care for Dinosaur Jr's bassist.  This song is good though.  J is on point.


Smile - Pearl Jam.  One of the lesser "landscape" Pearl Jam songs.  It's no Oceans or In My Tree but still great in it's own right.  The harmonica, usually a song killer is…


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Go Tell That Guy Oceans Were Not Invented To Be Bathrooms - Monday Shuffle.

Invented - Jimmy Eat World.  I really despise emo sentimental Jimmy.  Jimmy sounds like a desperate, unlikable tool in this mode.  Sorry that shit doesn't always work out Jimmy.  It's not your father's fault either.  Go write a rocker or shut up.  Pansy.  Wait a second....  Jimmy is teasing with a little chorus driven hard rock.  Didn't last.  In the end, Jimmy remains a pansy.


Bathroom Wall - Faster Pussycat.   I couldn't be friends with anyone that doesn't like this song.…


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Darkman Is Rocked By An Antisocial Amandla - Friday Shuffle

Shot In The Dark - Ozzy Osbourne.  This came up on the shuffle recently and every thing I said then still stands.  Ozzy's second best single.  Word.


Loverman - Metallica.  Metallica is a rare band that makes covers better than the original.  This is much better than Nick Cave's.  Metallica understands power and urgency.  Nick's version is just creepy without making the character truly scary.  Nick Cave's Loverman can be chased away with a rape whistle and some pepper spray.…


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Bring The Chameleon Named Jupiter Here, I'll Drop It Off At Home - Thursday Shuffle

Get Me Outta Here - Jet.  Top notch Aussie rock.  Jet is passed off as a cut rate AC/DC act but they're definitely more.  This is high energy and has more of a  Stones influence than anything else. Wonder if they've released anything lately.  Gonna browse Spotify later.


Karma Chameleon - Culture Club.  Boy George is a homosexual.  He was the singer of Culture Club.  He also beats imprisoned twinks with heavy chains.  Boy George is well rounded.  Honestly, I think Karma…


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