You Misunderstand Depression By Blaming The Rabbit - Tuesday Shuffle

Blame Us - Voivod.  Exceptional band.  Terrible singer.  They would have been much better as an instrumental outfit.  The "heartfelt" warbling and inflection just accentuate the nasally mediocrity of the dude's voice.  (I really hope the singer isn't the guy from Voivod that died.  I'd feel terrible)  Other than that complaint, Voivod could have been the greatest band ever.

Rabbit In Your Headlights - UNKLE.  When Radiohead is as broad reaching as they are, there is no reason for Thom Yorke to lend his voice to an electronica group like UNKLE.  This is nothing the band and Thom couldn't have come up with on their own.  Don't get me wrong, RIYH is the hot shit, but it's also akin to Thom going out and cavorting with an uglier woman just because he can.

Some Misunderstanding - Soulsavers.  Marc Lanegan is a straight up soul singer.  Great song, well produced, tasty guitar licks, cinematic.

Even You - Dinosaur Jr.  In addition to being an soloing ax master, J is an more than proficient rhythm guitarist.  Lots of good riffs throughout all of their works.

Manic Depression - King's X.  Even my favorite bands should steer clear of covering classic rock from the 60's.  They add nothing to the song.  Yuck.


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