You Know, Cheating On A Bimbo Is Like A Sky Light During A New Moon. - Thursday Shuffle

Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival.  There's a really bad moon tonight.  It's super cold and the moon is full.  Vampires and werewolves enjoy this kinda night.  It's especially werewolf-y out right now.  I'm staying in.

Light Up The Sky - Van Halen.  This is damn near the perfect Van Halen song.  Dave is on point, Eddie is masterful, Alex is a machine and Michael is a groovy cat with the slick licks and backup vocals.  Or something.

Cheat - The Clash.  Yeah, this is a rare punk song by a supposedly "punk" band.  They're great but lets call them what they are, a rock band.  The song is good.

Now You Know - The Afghan Whigs.  I've just come to the conclusion that this is the best song on Gentleman.  It's the foundation the Black Love is built on.

Limos, Demos & Bimbos - Ice Cube.  Ice Cube now makes family movies.....  Seems a man can only produce so many demos.

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