Warriors Cutting Rope and Jamming On Bongos - Monday Shuffle

Rope - Foo Fighters.  The new album is fan-fucking-tastic.  This song is coming close to being my number three all time favorite Foo Fighters song.


Dream Warriors - Dokken.  For a forced theme song to a shitty horror movie, this is one.  It just never resonated with me.  George does bring a decent solo though.


Cut You In - Jerry Cantrell.   I think I may have called this my favorite non Alice In Chains Alice In Chains song.  The horns are spot on and perfectly suitable for the song.


Jam - A Tribe Called Quest.  ATCQ survived a douching of rap on the ol' iPod recently.  This shit is fantastic hip hop.


Mondo Bongo - Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros.  Probably just my mood but I'm not feeling it right now.

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