The Slaughtered Suburbanites Should Go To The Tetons For A Sacred Life - Wednesday Shuffle.

Blame It On The Tetons - Modest Mouse.  I have specific reasons to blame a lot on the Tetons but I'll put those to the side for now.  This is one of the better songs on the Good News disc.  I know that I've been talking smack on down tempo songs but Blame It On The Tetons is a fantastic expression of loneliness and anger and loss and... everything.  It's a great song to just sit and listen to, man...  It's hippy shit but good hippy shit.


Sacred Life - The Cult.  Another above average down tempo song.  It would have been WAY above average if they ended it in full on rock mode instead of teasing us with the possibility.  The Cult are rock teases.


Go - Pearl Jam.  Straight up metal from a one of the great rock bands.  Wish they would have spit out a few more like this over the years.  Damn, I'm really enjoying this right now.  It's almost like I'm hearing it for the first time.  Beyond great.


Jesus Of Suburbia - Green Day.  Too much Green Day in my diet lately.  It's giving me the particle farts.  This sounds like a sub par Meatloaf song.


Slaughtered - Pantera.  Excuse me while I stomp around the living room while throwing up bent elbows really high...  Okay, I'm back.  Stepped on the dog and feel like an ass.





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