The Inspector Made A Career Out Of Betraying Trusts And Blasting Confidential Messages - Thursday Shuffle

Trust - The Cure.  After a painfully uncomfortable day in an over crowded hotel conference room I would much rather have something more upbeat, less The Cure-ish, to kick off the shuffle.  Tonight is getting off to a terrible start.  The DVR didn't record the end of the 121212 concert and now this depressive song sneaks in to further ruin whatever joy I had when arriving home.  Sniff.

Blasteroid - Mastodon.  Eff Yeah!  Effin' A Yeah!  This song is rock and roll niceness.  It's completely unlike most other Mastodon songs.  There's a wiff of pop sweetness under the substantial prog rock aroma.  Mood improving.

Mnspector Iorse - This Town Needs Guns.  This band is fun.  They're like Incubus if Incubus were adventuresome and talented.  I dig it.

Message In Blood - Pantera.  Three massively high energy songs have negated my earlier sour mood.  If I wasn't tired I'd get up and kick the Christmas tree.

Career Opportunities - The Clash.  Definitive The Clash song.  I'm sufficiently energized and in a great mood now.  Thanks The Clash, Mastodon, This Town Needs Guns and Pantera.  You might have prevented a girl from cutting herself.

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