The Freak Transitions Between His Sword And The Stars While Nibbling On Beast Flesh - Monday Shuffle

Transitions - Beastie Boys.  MCA was a pretty good bassist.  Decent soundscape going on, nothing phenomenal.

Star A.D. - Faith No More.  It's a little funky, a bit lounge-ish, and a tad big band.  Faith No More is a better rock band but sometimes their experiments are beyond good.

B-Boys Makin' With The Freak Freak - Beastie Boys.  They call Russell Simmons a thief and work in the phrase "savoir fare".  Ill Communication holds up better than Paul's Boutique.

By The Sword - Slash (feat. Andrew Stockdale).  It's not the best song on the album but it is good.  Very Zeppelin sounding.

NIB - Primus.  Straight forward cover.  I expect more when Primus put's their name on something.

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