Take Your Uncle Willoughby On The Secret Mission - Thursday Shuffle

The Return Of Sathington Willoughby - Primus.  What the hell kind of name is Sathington?  Willoughby is a completely reasonable last name but Sathington is just whimsy.  Take precautions when grasping ideals.

Mission - King's X.  Gretchen Goes To Nebraska is rubbing on perfection, getting it moist.  Even with the preachy vibe it really is a great album.

Nobody Knows Anything - Anthrax.  It's a live version with John Bush on vocals, he's good.  Charlie is a fucking monster drummer.  Wow.

Unkle Main Title Theme - UNKLE.  Buncha noise.  I suspect the kids these days would like this kinda garbage.  Oh, I forgot this is nearly 15 years old.  It's okay.

Take Me With You When You Go - Jack Black.  Jack Black has grown on me.  It's possible that he is the genius Rolling Stone thinks he is.

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