Sleeping On The Back Of A Dying Day - Sunday Shuffle

Double Day - The Afghan Whigs.  This song, and album, never gets old for me.  It's the perfect combination of sinister deviance, neediness, aggression and depression.  Love it.  Grandiose narcissism peppered with low self esteem.   It rocks too.


A Song For Sleeping - Stone Temple Pilots.  Never really cared for this era of STP.  It's neutered and uninteresting.  Blah.


Dying Breed - Five Finger Death Punch.  I might have complained about the double bass before but right now it's working for me.  It's very death metal sounding and that's not always a bad thing.  It is a definite candidate for the gym playlist.


Reach Down - Temple Of The Dog.  Early 90's goodness.  I'd like to see a new album and reunion tour more than a new Pearl Jam album.  Luckily we're getting a new Soundgarden so there's that to look forward to. 


Come Back - Foo Fighters.  This is the second best Foo Fighters song.  It is everything a hard rock song should be.  It's accessible yet experimental, aggressive and melodic.  It's lengthy but not bloated.  Every note is essential, every break in tempo has purpose.  I'd give up a lot of my possessions before allowing this song to be taken away from me.

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