Shouldnt Kill Walls - Tuesday Shuffle

The Thing That Should Not Be - Metallica.  When listening to Master Of Puppets I tend to zone out a bit when this comes up.  Probably my least favorite song on that album.  It would have been a standout on any post Justice album.


Cupid - King's X.  I hate to say it but whenever a romance based King's X song comes up I flinch a little.  Can't help but be reminded that Dug is gay and the song was probably inspired by him smooching on a hairy fella.


Don't Care - King's X.  Guess this song pretty much defines what I think about what Dug does.  I don't care if it makes him happy.


Hello Walls - Willie Nelson.  Willie Nelson is a national treasure and should be treated as such.  If you say something negative about him I might slice your Achilles tendon with a box cutter.


The Killing Words - Queensryche.  I'm starting to think that Rage For Order is superior to Operation Mindcrime.  I find myself listening to it more frequently these days.  There was great passion here that I didn't pick up until recently.


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