Once 18 was a lifetime of plans. Tuesday Shuffle

Tonight, Tonight - Smashing Pumpkins.  Love me an epic song.  This one is done well too.  The positivity is nice.  Awww.


Of The Girl - Pearl Jam.  Not enough going on here to make me pay attention.  Binaural was kind of a clunker for me.


Plans - Dinosaur Jr.  Well shit, I just got out of the gym and I'm not liking this down tempo stuff.  I will be seeing DJ in a couple of weeks though!  If they stay away from the ballads it will be the domination.


Once & For All - Foo Fighters.  A lesser song in the Foo arsenal.  Seems like an afterthought.  Or afterbirth.  Or pre-ejaculate.  Either way, it's not the good stuff.  Wait, it's not pre-ejaculate.  That would imply I like jizz.  Well, I like TO jizz.  Other people's jizz doesn't interest me.


18 and Life - Skid Row.  I think that this is a top 10 80's rock song. 

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