Like I Said Before, My Daughters Are Coming By Sea Or Wheel And Will Be Here At 10:03 - Wednesday Shuffle

Like Never Before by Steelheart. Ehh, all the ingredients are there but the finished recipe is kinda bland. 7.8 of 10.

10:03 by Doves. This is some straight up Coldplay aping. I don't like Coldplay and cannot fathom why anyone would want to emulate them. Booo.

Coming Home by Cinderella. Yay! Homeward bound songs are superior to nearly all other genres of travel tunes. Cinderella gives homeward bound songs a sweet golden sheen. 9.3 of 10.

Daughters Of The Sea by The Doobie Bothers. The Doob's (I like to call them The Doob's) are Rush's slicker siblings dressed up in pop clothing. They did some funky, progressive shit back in 70's. They were also on What's Happening so they get points for that too. 8.8 of 10.

Water Wheel by Steve Gunn. This Shannon Hoon sounding mother fucker is full of himself. He's wrong about everything he does or thinks. Bomb.

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