Darkman Is Rocked By An Antisocial Amandla - Friday Shuffle

Shot In The Dark - Ozzy Osbourne.  This came up on the shuffle recently and every thing I said then still stands.  Ozzy's second best single.  Word.


Loverman - Metallica.  Metallica is a rare band that makes covers better than the original.  This is much better than Nick Cave's.  Metallica understands power and urgency.  Nick's version is just creepy without making the character truly scary.  Nick Cave's Loverman can be chased away with a rape whistle and some pepper spray.  Metallica's Loverman would laugh off his eyeball being sliced with a box cutter.


It's Still Rock N' Roll To Me - Billy Joel.  Fun pop song.  Probably one of the better Billy Joel songs.  I also like that his sax player's name is Rico.  Billy Joel is inclusive.  At least he is to the 'Ricans.


Antisocial - Anthrax.  I bought an album of supposedly extended tracks thinking they were reworked studio songs.  Nope, they're just live.  Felt slighted at the time.  They've been redeemed with the release of Worship Music though.  It is their best album.  


Amandla - Miles Davis.  If peeing your pants is cool, then I'm Miles Davis.....  The synth and guitars ruin this song.  It's more shitty department store music than nutty, cool Miles.



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