Cowboys Cry And Shake With Romantic Electricity - Tuesday Shuffle

Electric Head: The Agony - White Zombie.   Oooooh, spooky!  Organs and sound effects!  Luckily it just starts that way and erupts into industrial goodness.  It sounds like every other White/Rob Zombie song ever but the dude has a decent formula.

Shake Like You - Corrosion Of Conformity.  I picked up this disc over the weekend.  Glad I did, can't believe I passed up on owning this when it came out.  Gonna spend some time with it over the next couple of days to it can be properly digested.

This Cowboy Song - Sting.  I like Sting but rarely go advertising it.  Weird as I will tell anyone that will listen about he brilliance of Phil Collins.  Oh well, now you know the ugly truth.  A Brit singing about Cowboys is a little off putting though.

Romance op. 50 - Beethoven.  Well shit, now I'm wishing for some romance in my own life.  If I was more in touch with my feelings I would be teary eyed, potentially weepy.  I miss... someone.

Cry Tough - Poison.  Don't you fucking tell me what to do or how to expose my emotions Bret!  Bret is a lucky dude that he formed his meany-pants command in the form of a catchy tune.  The CC solo is a little flat as far as CC solos go.  Can't help but think this song could have been spiced up with better production choices.

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