Come See Me Pretend To Be Elvis, They'll Subtract 50% Of The Ticket Price If You Mention My Home Town - Thursday Shufflec

What Comes Around by Beastie Boys.  Standard Beastie beats and rhymes.  8.4 of 10.

Subtraction by Coheed and Cambria.  The Ascension/Descension albums are growing on me.  They took a lot of chances on those discs that take multiple listens to appreciate.  8.8 of 10.

The Pretender by Foo Fighters.  Robust rockier rock from an otherwise pebble intense rock album.  8.9 of 10.

Elvis Is Dead by Living Colour.  Living Colour tosses around conjecture and misinformation without considering the facts.  8.7 of 10.


Come On Home by Franz Ferdinand.  Formula for success?  English chaps making German disco music. 8.6 of 10.

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