Can I Fly Into Atlanta Without Seeing My Peeps? - Thursday Shuffle

Flying High Again - Ozzy Osbourne.  Not the best Ozzy song but it's still not Zakk era so there is that redeeming factor.

Thumbing My Way - Pearl Jam.  One of the better songs on Lost Dogs but way too Emo nonetheless.

Atlanta - Stone Temple Pilots.  This sounds nothing like Atlanta.  Atlanta sounds like traffic and strip clubs that play nothing but Outkast.  Atlanta smells like car fumes and cocoa butter in case you were wondering.

Never Seen No Devil - The Twilight Singers.  Cello will make any song better.  Petra Haden playing the cello makes it perfect.  She's cute too.

Best I Can - Queensryche.  Aside from the sappy subject matter, this song is pretty good.  I reckon it's one of their last good songs.

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