Bring The Chameleon Named Jupiter Here, I'll Drop It Off At Home - Thursday Shuffle

Get Me Outta Here - Jet.  Top notch Aussie rock.  Jet is passed off as a cut rate AC/DC act but they're definitely more.  This is high energy and has more of a  Stones influence than anything else. Wonder if they've released anything lately.  Gonna browse Spotify later.


Karma Chameleon - Culture Club.  Boy George is a homosexual.  He was the singer of Culture Club.  He also beats imprisoned twinks with heavy chains.  Boy George is well rounded.  Honestly, I think Karma Chameleon is the most overrated song on any "Best of the 80's" compilation.


Home (Bret's Song) - Poison.  This is horrendous.  Hollyweird was a terrible album but this is the worst part of it.  Wish I could beat a song like Boy George does imprisoned twinks.  Seriously considering a trip to Walmart to inflict a woopin' on the customer service guy that kinda looks like Rikki Rocket.


Drops Of Jupiter - Train.  I always hear him singing "Van Halen is overrated" in the "heaven is overrated part".  It makes me a little mad.  Then he mentions fried chicken and all is forgiven.  Girls usually like this song a lot.  I'll pretend to like it for a girl.


Love Will Set You Free - Whitesnake.  The newest Whitesnake disc is fantastic.  This song is fantastic.  I think Reb Beach played on it.  Reb Beach brings the domination.  Coverdale seems to have found his voice too.  Great song all around.


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