Damn.  Southeast Asia is in shambles and I'm heartbroken over my inability to help.  Gonna see if I can fix that when the shuffle is done.


I Just Want To Live - King's X.  Kinda fitting song for today's news.  Good song, just like most King's X songs.


Burn In Hell (Demo) - Twisted Sister.  Ah, a surprise!  I've never listened to this version before even though it's been on the iPod for a few months.  Good production really helped out the record version.  The energy is good though.


She Loves Me Not - Faith No More.  FNM is a "do no wrong" kind of band for me.  For a mid tempo jam it pumps me up when I need it.


Breakdown - Queensryche.  Independent of the album stink, this individual song isnt that bad.  Lots of classic elements without sounding forced.


Rush - Lakeside Park.  Ah, Rush.  It's always a good time for a Rush song.


Off to find a reputable charity.  Thanks for playing.



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