A Living Tree Is As Thrilling As A Truthful Trip To The Bar - Monday Shuffle

Hangin' Tree - Queens Of The Stone Age.  If the new QOTSA album is a tenth as good as this song it will be a substantial artistic achievement.  My favorite QOTHSA song by a wide margin.  My next favorite QOTHSA songs are only half as good but otherwise masterpieces.  

Among The Living - Anthrax.  Persistence Of Time is a better album.  Persistence used to be the best Joey era Anthrax album, then Worship Music came out.  This song is just... it lacks urgency.

Same Thrill - Scorpions.  Love At First Sting has grown on me in just the last two days.  It's a very good rocker.  ie. It has a high rock value or there is merit in its rockitude.

Crossing The Bar - Crippled Black Phoenix.  I still think this would be all kinds of wonderful with a skilled producer at the helm.

Anything 'Cept The Truth - Eagles Of Death Metal.  Another album that has recently improved it's standing after a close listen.  It's a really strong rock album in every possible way.  There's nothing groundbreaking going on but it's enjoyable nonetheless.  It's like a slightly artsier Jet.

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