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Lonely Hearts Trade In Multiple Currencies. Friday Shuffle

Lonely Soul - UNKLE.  The dude from The Verve takes over vocal duty on this one.  Probably my favorite track on Pcyence Fiction.  Simple beat with a few really nice strings as accompaniment.  Bass is used effectively too.  Gonna see what the dude from The Verve has been up to.  My first guess is that he spends most of his time being really, really ugly.


Keep Your Heart - TV On The Radio.  Really disappointed with the latest TVOTR album.  More of the same but somehow less too.…


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Broken Pieces Of Love Will Make The Rooster Mean - Wednesday Shuffle

The Rooster - Outkast.  Big Boi is a skilled MC.  Straight up old school style with top notch, progressive production.  It's easy to see why white people like Outkast.  Andre is an artsy weirdo for the hipsters and Big Boi is a slightly more intimidating Will Smith for the squares.


Mean Eyed Cat - Johnny Cash.  John Honey Baby will chase after a woman that is careless with money.  I would of let her frivolous ass stay gone.  The song itself is the…


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Attractive Blind Girls Smiling Are Out Of Control - Tuesday Shuffle.

Imagination Blind - Dinosaur Jr.  The bassist takes over vocal on this one.  When I saw a Q&A with the band and Henry Rollins the bassist came across as a douche and still hurt over being fired 20 plus years earlier.  I don't care for Dinosaur Jr's bassist.  This song is good though.  J is on point.


Smile - Pearl Jam.  One of the lesser "landscape" Pearl Jam songs.  It's no Oceans or In My Tree but still great in it's own right.  The harmonica, usually a song killer is…


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Go Tell That Guy Oceans Were Not Invented To Be Bathrooms - Monday Shuffle.

Invented - Jimmy Eat World.  I really despise emo sentimental Jimmy.  Jimmy sounds like a desperate, unlikable tool in this mode.  Sorry that shit doesn't always work out Jimmy.  It's not your father's fault either.  Go write a rocker or shut up.  Pansy.  Wait a second....  Jimmy is teasing with a little chorus driven hard rock.  Didn't last.  In the end, Jimmy remains a pansy.


Bathroom Wall - Faster Pussycat.   I couldn't be friends with anyone that doesn't like this song.…


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Darkman Is Rocked By An Antisocial Amandla - Friday Shuffle

Shot In The Dark - Ozzy Osbourne.  This came up on the shuffle recently and every thing I said then still stands.  Ozzy's second best single.  Word.


Loverman - Metallica.  Metallica is a rare band that makes covers better than the original.  This is much better than Nick Cave's.  Metallica understands power and urgency.  Nick's version is just creepy without making the character truly scary.  Nick Cave's Loverman can be chased away with a rape whistle and some pepper spray.…


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Bring The Chameleon Named Jupiter Here, I'll Drop It Off At Home - Thursday Shuffle

Get Me Outta Here - Jet.  Top notch Aussie rock.  Jet is passed off as a cut rate AC/DC act but they're definitely more.  This is high energy and has more of a  Stones influence than anything else. Wonder if they've released anything lately.  Gonna browse Spotify later.


Karma Chameleon - Culture Club.  Boy George is a homosexual.  He was the singer of Culture Club.  He also beats imprisoned twinks with heavy chains.  Boy George is well rounded.  Honestly, I think Karma…


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Frozen Stars Now Need Grinding Down - Wednesday Shuffle

Burn It Down - Five Finger Death Punch.  RARRRRR! I AM ANGRY!  RARRRRRRRR!  Ugh, I'd love this 20 years ago. FFDP is all over the place, this song is really aggressive metal, other songs veer into prog territory and one or two are made for rock radio.  Pick a genre assholes.


Now - Days Of The New.  I think the lead singer of this group got all methy and quit making music.  It's very much a 90's kinda song.  He's probably better off as a drug addict than a desperate shill…


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Don's Ghost Is Sinning In The Back Of An RV - Tuesday Shuffle

You Are The Saint, I Am The Sinner - Winger.  Reb Beach is a woefully underrated guitarist.  I know he's appreciated in the melodic rock circles but he shoulda been put up there with George Lynch and Warren DeMartini.  Guess it's the stigma of being in Winger that held him back.


RV - Faith No More.  It's a novelty song that would have ruined any other album.  Luckily it was on Angel Dust and one clunker doesn't take away from the mastery of that disc.  Even the rocking part…


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Friends Don't Believe Me When I Say I Don't Believe In Gravity - Monday Shuffle

Don't Stop Believin' - Journey.  That guy whose wife ran off with Neil Schon can never attend a sporting event, go to a bar, watch TV or even shop for groceries without being reminded of her infidelity.  Journey might be the most powerful organization in the world.  They're ubiquitous.  I really like this song too.


Best Of Me - Ratt.  This song could have been on Dancin' Undercover.  Hell, it could have been the lead single on any of their albums.  That cheesy "wild wild…


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Stoned Guns Have Respectful Notions - Sunday Shuffle

Respect - Train.  I have had this song on iTunes for atleast 7 years and this is the first time I recall hearing it.  It's pretty bland and forgettable so that's probably the be the reason.


Rollin' Stoned - Great White.  Decent enough bluesy rock that's expected from Great White.  Nothing exceptional.


Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun - Beastie Boys.  Haven't heard this in forever.  Best track on Paul's Boutique.  Very much a precursor to Check Your Head and…


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Thinking About Getting Forceful In My Twilight Years - Thursday Shuffle

A Thousand Years - Sting.  Sting has such a great voice and writes great songs.  This one is a bit understated yet classy.  It's the 2003 Audi A4 of the musical world.  Maybe the current Lizzy Caplan too.  I like Lizzy Caplan.


I Don't Think - Dinosaur Jr.  Great intro song of Hand It Over.  Loud music for depressed autistic Gen X'rs.  I'm slightly depressed Gen X'r that shows signs of Asperger's.  Could be my theme song.


Use The Force - Jamiroquai.  I'm not…


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Johnny Is Going To Look At Falling Stars - Wednesday Shuffle

Johnny Appleseed - Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros.  Spirit lifting perfection.  This is in my top five songs of all time.  It just makes me feel good and wanting to be good to everyone I meet.  


A Looking In View - Alice Chains.  A better song on the Black Gives Way To Blue album put it just can't compete with Joe Strummer right now.


Going Nowhere - Chis Isaak.  Chris says he likes this girl but insists on essentially calling her a loser.  Fun, heavy…


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Constantly Stealing Cocaine Is An Actionable Tragedy - Tuesday Shuffle

The Constant - Anthrax.  Song off of the album that came out today.  First time hearing it and it's exceptional.  Belladonna has grown into his voice as an older fella.  Gonna devour the album after the shuffle.  Seriously enjoying it.


Cocaine Cowboys - WASP.  I was terrified of WASP when I was a kid, legitimately thought they would make me a satanist if I listened too much.  Turns out they are an accessible rock band and not scary in the least bit.  Still never heard a song…


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Your Mother's Dog Is A Rusty Janitor - Monday Shuffle

Janitor - Toad The Wet Sprocket.  This guys voice is killing me.  TTWS and a headache don't mix,


Kingdom Of Rust - Doves.  It's a chuck wagon galloping kind of song but sung by a nasally English fop.  It doesn't help with the headache either.


Sylvia's Mother - Dr. Hook.  Poor Dr. Hook is emotional 'cause his woman ran off.  Man up Dr. Hook.  I can't imagine a woman named Sylvia is all that good lookin' anyway.  You can do better than…


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Chained Surfer In The Dark Without Shelter - Wednesday Shuffle.

Breaking The Chains - Dokken.  Getting tired of Dokken, specifically this song.  Just can't see why I liked it so much in the first place.  The nostalgia factor doesn't cut it when it comes to Breaking The Chains.


Shot In The Dark - Ozzy Osbourne.  It's a damn shame that Jake E. Lee was replaced by that idiot Zakk.  Jake is the superior Ozzy guitarist.  Outside of Crazy Train, this is probably my favorite Ozzy song.  The nostalgia factor is working now.




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The Spectrum Of Time Is An Island Of Walking Lies - Tuesday Shuffle

Got The Time - Anthrax.  More of a punk anthem than a thrashing metal song expected from Anthrax.  Seems like Green Day took more than a little inspiration from this song.  Great bass line.


Devil's Island - Megadeth.  Ooooh, spooky devil worshiping Megadeth.  It's my favorite kind of Megadeth.  Third or fourth best track on their best release.


On The Backs Of Angels - Dream Theater.  Too much technicality, not enough groove.  That's always been the case with…


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Zombies Live With The Evidence Of Hurting Bodies - Monday Shuffle

Evidence - Faith No More.  The definitive FNM song.  Smoothed out yet progressive and frantic in it's own way.  The strings aren't cheesy and the funk isn't forced.  Hell, this song is THE best R&B funky progressive jam ever written.


Hurt - Johnny Cash.  The best cover song every done by anyone in the history of forever.  It would be an injustice to describe the emotion here.  It is all encompassing, everything a person can be or feel is in this song.…


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Panties Belong At Home - Sunday Shuffle

We Belong - Pat Benetar.  Her masterwork.  Can't say a bad word about this.  Tearing up a little too.  I remain a man though.  


Where Are My Panties - Outkast.  Not a song but it has never been skipped on a shuffle.


Home Sweet Home - Motley Crue.  When I was in the 6th grade this song made all of the girls cry for some unknown reason and it turned me off to this song for a while.  The solo is one of the best ever though.


Paradise City - Guns N…


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My Love Was Born In California Hours Before The Revelation - Thursday Shuffle

Dani California - Red Hot Chili Peppers.  I am going to delete every damn RHCP album I own (and there's a lot of them) after hearing the stupidest lyric ever written on their new song I'm With You.  There is no excuse now, nor will there ever be an excuse for "I like your cheeky, oh so Mozambique-y".  I never cared for this shitty song either.


We Were Born To Be Loved - King's X.  Might be my favorite King's X song.  I get tired of them but this song always…


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